Bister food industry

Our trade

The food industry has been one of our most important opportunities since 2005.

We work in two ways with our industrial customers:

  • By tailor-made delivery
  • By drawing up specifications

Our customers are manufacturers of mayonnaise, cold or hot sauces, cooked dishes etc. and meat professionals (butchers, industrial charcuteries etc.), or even colleagues in our sector...

At the moment we have forty different mustard recipes, four piccalilli recipes and a few for gherkins, onions and capers in vinegar.
If none of these suit you, based on your specifications, we can produce THE recipe that you want, subject to sufficient volumes.

Furthermore, we offer containers and packaging to meet your needs and desires.

If you take mustard as an example, it can have different characteristics that can vary according to your tastes:

  • The type of spice (on the nose, on the tongue)
  • The viscosity
  • The dry extract
  • The colour
  • The presence or absence of additives (sulphites, dyes etc.)
  • The quantity and type of spices
  • The type of vinegar used (alcohol, cider, white wine etc.)

It can also be presented in different packaging: from 10kg - 30kg buckets to the tank trucks carrying 18,000 litres or 1-tonne containers (plastic IBCs, folding TNT, steel vats etc.)

Our know-how

We respond to your requests. Give us your requirements, or put us in touch with your Research and Development department, and together we'll determine the products that you need.

From the point of view of logistics, we work with you to find the best transport solution for the merchandise. This is in fact an important cost where a focussed study makes all the difference.

Of course, we hold the different required certificates, both for our installations and our products:

  • Higher level IFS certificate
  • Organic certificates
  • Kosher certificate

Would you like more information on our different production options?

Would you like to receive data sheets on our range of products?

Please don't hesitate to contact us via this contact form and we'll respond as soon as possible.