L'Etoile by Bister

In 2007, Bister bought the "condiments" activity of the company "L'Etoile" in Wavre: piccalillis, gherkins, onions, mustard and capers.

These condiments are produced under the brands L'Etoile and L'ancre (the latter being better known in Horeca and mass catering).
In the province of Namur we set up the machines from Wavre and followed the recipes of this company with an impressive past.

Given that L'Etoile vinegars were bought by a company in Flanders, we chose to label the square jars with the brand L'Etoile by Bister.

Three very well-known products in the L'Etoile by Bister range are available at large supermarkets and Belgian grocers:

The "L’Etoile by Bister" Piccalilli

Made following a very specific recipe based on English tradition, this sweet and sour piccalilli is sweeter than the Bister piccalilli.

"L’Etoile by Bister" Onions

Small, crunchy and with a very fine taste.

"L’Etoile by Bister" extra-fine gherkins

Preserved in medium-strength vinegar in which a subtle and secret blend of flavours create a delicious tang.