Bister oils and vinegars


We researched high quality, fine tasting oils to complement our condiment selection.

8 oils have been carefully chosen for you in this range of oils from French company Lapalisse:

  • In 25Cl bottles: peanut oil, pistachio olive, black truffle oil and white truffle oil.
  • In 50Cl bottles: walnut oil, hazelnut oil, sesame seed oil and almond oil.


Having bought the condiment production activity of L'Etoile in 2007, we naturally selected L'Etoile vinegars to complete our selection.

Seven L'Etoile vinegars, produced by Sint Martinus, are marketed by Bister: spirit vinegar, red wine and white wine vinegar, raspberry vinegar, cider vinegar, vinegar with tarragon and traditional vinegar.

Mazetti balsamic vinegars, white and red, are also essential, as well as red and white cream of balsamic vinegar, perfect for decorating and flavouring dishes!