Bister organics products

Since 1999, Bister has been the main manufacturer of organic mustard in Belgium, and one of the largest in France with 2 main recipes: organic, medium-strength mustard with cider vinegar and organic Dijon mustard.

Our organic range also includes mayonnaise, piccalilli, spirit vinegar and cider vinegar, as well a smaller range of sauces and condiments.

Our different organic products are divided up into four ranges:

The " Bioster" brand

This is a range produced for organic, dietary and natural food stores. It is widely available in France and Belgium as well as other European countries.

The "Bio-Gourmet" range

These condiments are available among traditional large-scale distributors and organic supermarkets.

Food service

This industry is fast developing. It is an industry in which we offer larger quantities, suited to its needs: plastic buckets measuring 1L, 3L, 5L, 10L, etc.

Private Label (PL)

We also make certified organic mustards and mayonnaises on behalf of numerous private label products.

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