Bister products

Our trade

We have a wide range of products and numerous different recipes.
This diversity among our products enables us to offer tailor-made products after drawing up specifications.

We develop recipes for mustards, piccalillis, cold and hot sauces and even vegetables in vinegar.
For examples, we produce a diverse range of piccalilli brands for numerous retailers.

Furthermore, alongside classic recipes, we can manage requests for organic, Halal or even Kosher products.
In terms of organic mustard, our product represents 95% of sales in the Belgian market.

Furthermore, our Dijon mustards and organic mayonnaise are also present in certain major French retailers.
In order to satisfy all consumers, we also make salt-free mustard for the dietary brands.

Our know-how

Thanks to flexibility and breadth of expertise we demonstrate, we can offer you tailor-made products, in quantities that we can work on together.

In other words, we can also supply you with specialised products in small quantities as well as standard products in large volumes.

Finally, our two production sites respond quality and food safety standards according to precise specifications and certified by recognised certifying bodies.

  • Higher level IFS certificate
  • Organic certificates
  • Kosher certificate

Would you like to create your own mustard recipe?

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